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We want to create products that share the same level of quality and refinement as the Apple products they are designed to be used with. To achieve this, our docks are cut out of a solid block of aluminium; in exactly the same way as the MacBooks, iPhone, etc...; then anodized and sand blasted to get that perfect, sandblasted finish.

The iDockAll is a non-constraining docking solution that works with all iPhones and iPods (whether with 30 Pin or Lightning connector). This version does not work with iPads. Cut out of a block of aluminum and anodized it has the same aesthetics as Apple hardware to blend in perfectly next to your iMac.


Here are the different specs of the iDockAll

Front width 2.72 inch (69mm)

Back width 2.12 inch (54mm)

Length 3.52 inch (89mm)

Height 1.15 inch (20mm)

Weight  8.4 ounces (240 grams)

Works with the 30pin and the lightning connectors.

Available in Aluminum Grey and Matte Black.















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